Another Rally – Lots to Learn

RV Rally’s are not created equal although they all have so much to offer! There are those that can be described as “an all-inclusive holiday for RV’s” and those described as a “working conference”.

We have experienced both in the past 2 weeks – the Tournament of Roses Parade Rally in Arcadia, CA (4 blog posts) and the 27th Annual FMCA Western Area Rally in Indio, CA.

FMCA is the “Family Motor Coach Association” – an organization offering its over 400,000 members tremendous benefits such as mail forwarding, travel assistance and medical evacuation, roadside assistance, trip routing, Michelin tire discounts, insurance (rv, accident, travel), campground discounts, state, regional & national rally’s and more. Annual membership is $50.

This rally coincided so closely with the Tournament of Roses Parade that we didn’t want to miss out. There were +1000 motorhome’s of various shapes & sizes parked at the fairgrounds and 14 hours of activities, seminars, crafts and entertainment offered during each of the 4 full days of the “Out Of This World” themed rally – including a themed parade!


A rally also gives RV’ers the opportunity to schedule upgrades and/or repairs to windshields, awnings, appliances and buying the latest and greatest gadgets that just don’t seem to work as well as when they were demonstrated! There’s also the usual suspects of clothes, jewellery, fudge and microfibre cleaning products that are found in any state fair/exhibition/fall fair! I love it all!  We were able to arrange to have our Direct TV set up and activated.

The seminars are actually very informative – with something for everyone – just to name a few:

Improve Engine Performance and Save Fuel
Fire & Life Safety In Your RV
Best RV Destinations with Grandchildren
Microwave-Convection Cooking on the Go
Tips to Save Space
RV’ing to the Canadian Maritime Provinces/Alaska/Mexico/Europe/South Africa
Travels with Velcro

The mornings start with line dancing lessons, afternoons are broken up with Ice Cream Socials and evenings end at 9 p.m. following the entertainment – an Eagles tribute 1 night and a John Denver tribute the next night – which were both great! We didn’t play bingo or see the magician and his parrot…

We laugh, learn, meet new people and re-connect with others we’ve met before. They usually remember us because of Gracie!

5 thoughts on “Another Rally – Lots to Learn”

  1. Wow — You guys are having sooooo much fun; I’m very happy for you!
    Meanwhile, back here “up North” we’re freezing our you-know-whats off!! xo

  2. Wow, that sounds like a blast! You failed to mention what this parade was about?

    I’m certain is won’t be long before you two are leading the seminars!

    Safe travels!

  3. I just had time to scroll through before Im headed to the Toronto Boat Show for the afternoon.

    Mom, The one picture of Mrs. Clause in the long red fleece dress…. Reminds me of you in the Red House coat/Dress thingy you used to wear at Grandmas in the Mornings LOL I thought it was you!!!
    Gotta Run

  4. And meeting new friends!! Turns out I had the wrong phone number…. Can you believe that???

    On our way home and waiting out a snowstorm at a casino parking lot near Santa Fe and wishing we were back in Indio!

    Safe travels and keep us posted so we can hopefully meet up again some day!

    Carrie and Barry

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