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A quiet Christmas Day but we made up for it on Boxing Day!

Driving through the quaint and very rich town of Carmel-by-the-Sea (what recession?) we made our way to Pacific Grove – “Butterfly Town, USA” and started the day with brunch & mimosas at the Red House Cafe.

Pacific Grove is home to the overwintering migration of thousands of Monarch Butterflies clustering together on pines, cypress, and eucalyptus.  These trees provide the “microclimate” they need:  proper humidity, light, shade, temperature and protection from the wind.  Each year beginning in November, the Monarchs return to spend  the winter within a few select acres in this town.  An estimated 24,000 butterflies are residing there now.

You can’t come to this area without a trip to Pebble Beach and a tour of 17-mile drive.  The area was a hub of activity – surfers, golfers, sun bathers, dog walkers, swimmers, tourists and locals all out enjoying the gorgeous sunshine and blue sky!

This was a great area to spend Christmas.  We’re leaving in the morning and heading towards L.A. – and the Rose Bowl Parade!



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6 Responses to Mimosas, Monarchs, Sun & Surf

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love that you guys are wearing matching clothes and in purple, too! It is such a regal colour, you look just like royalty! Have fun at the Tournament of Roses Parade and all of the other activities you are going to be involved in! We’ll look for you in the stands so you better be waving to us! Love and miss you guys.

  2. Susi and Cal says:

    Yes I agree with Jennifer, love the purple too… WOW that is cool about the butterflies and is also something I did not know. I will think differently about the Monarch butterflies when I see them, and hopefully they won’t be on the grill of my car, that always makes me sad.
    Pebble Beach, yes indeed it is a must see… I always make sure I watch golf when they play there in early February. Have a safe trip and hopefully there will be NO MORE Hwy 1’s ever again…Much love to you both and great chatting with you both yesterday…CHEERS Susi and Cal

  3. Susi and Cal says:

    YAHHHH it finally worked so there’ll be more comments in the future…xo

  4. Helen says:

    Enjoy! And “season’s greetings” to you both! xo

  5. Shannon says:

    Looks amazing!!! What a wonderful day!

  6. Don says:

    Wish I was on the course. Looks great. Enjoy the coast.

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