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Mendocino, CA to Bodega Bay, CA

102 miles

6 hours!



Hairpin turns, narrow lanes, S-curves; sheer cliffs to the ocean and, in places, cliffs on the land side. We needed to go slow, take our time and pull out often to let traffic by. There were curves where we needed to take up both lanes to get around so I was on my knees trying to watch ahead for on-coming cars. “It’s clear – go”! “There’s a car coming!” “Stop & wait!” Yikes, we must have scared the oncoming cars also! We were told that passengers could enjoy the view but the drivers eyes needed to be glued to the road with both hands on the wheel. Ha – enjoy the view? Yes, there were some spectacular views but the drive was so intense it was hard for me to appreciate them.

And yes, after about 5 hours even Chuck voiced out loud – “It’s official – this is the scariest road I’ve ever been on!  I don’t think I would want to do this road again even in the pickup truck.”

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Descent from Myer’s Grade Road on HWY 1


We saw the remnants of foundations where houses had fallen into the ocean and others that looked like they could fall soon; we were stopped on the highway while a road crew removed a downed tree; we detoured into a State campground to wait for the road clean-up and got the coach stuck in the mud.  It was an easy out, just unhook the truck, back up, re-hook and we were on our way.  Cows grazed on the side of the cliffs and the highway with 1 calf actually running along beside our coach – [Gracie was beside herself…]  Evidence of small slides and several downed trees.  The most disconcerting was seeing pavement that looked like it could give way at any minute – especially with 45,000 lbs.!

In fairness, we did seek advise about this road on RV Forums, but didn’t receive any useful info (that should have been our 1st clue)!  Luckily, when we stopped for lunch a good samaritin stopped to offer advice and reassurance.  This ended up being a great help and gave us an idea about what we were in for.  Slow and easy wins the day – 100 miles in 6 hours!

Yes, it’s official…we’re on an adventure!

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3 Responses to Hwy 1 South – “It’s Official – “

  1. Jim Hanson says:

    What an incredible, hairy drive! It’s definitely NOT for folks who are afraid of heights. Chuck is a helluva driver…..


  2. So who had the first drink when you finally got out of terror alley?

  3. Shannon says:

    What a crazy road – 100 miles in 6 hours…I bet the wine was uncorked at the 101st mile!!

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