Hwy 1 South – “It’s Official – “


Mendocino, CA to Bodega Bay, CA

102 miles

6 hours!



Hairpin turns, narrow lanes, S-curves; sheer cliffs to the ocean and, in places, cliffs on the land side. We needed to go slow, take our time and pull out often to let traffic by. There were curves where we needed to take up both lanes to get around so I was on my knees trying to watch ahead for on-coming cars. “It’s clear – go”! “There’s a car coming!” “Stop & wait!” Yikes, we must have scared the oncoming cars also! We were told that passengers could enjoy the view but the drivers eyes needed to be glued to the road with both hands on the wheel. Ha – enjoy the view? Yes, there were some spectacular views but the drive was so intense it was hard for me to appreciate them.

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