What’s up with that Blog Name?

It was Chuck’s idea and he’s the 1st to admit that he has a weird sense of Southern humour.

It’s funny seeing people’s puzzled looks and reaction to our blog name DeweyLovettandHowe.  “Do you… what“?  “What language is it?”  “What the heck does it mean”?  Heh, that was me at 1st but it does grow on you…

DeweyLovettandHowe is our play on the gag name of a fictional law firm “Dewey, Cheatem & Howe”.  Comic figures  Johnny Carson, Groucho Marx, Daffy Duck and Robin Williams have all been known to reference a firm of this name in several parody settings.  The firm’s name is a pun on the phrase “Do we cheat them? And how!”  I love this detailed write-up in  Wikipedia.

When registering your blog name there can be no spaces or symbols so we had to spell it all out.  At 1st glance its just a jumble of letters.  But, see how it works?  DeweyLovettandHowe  = “Do we love it?  And how!”

We think the DeweyLovett can reference everything we are seeing & doing –

Do we love RV’ing?  And how!

Do we love travelling?  And how!

Do we love our pets?  And how!

Do we love exploring new places?  And how!

Do we love driving the coach?  And how!

Do we love warm weather?  And how!

Do we love meeting new people?  And how!

and yes – Do we love each other?  And how!

Makes sense?  Just think of us as the “DeweyLovett” people and yes… it took awhile to grow on me too…


DeweyLovett? ♥

     and Howe…







2 thoughts on “What’s up with that Blog Name?”

  1. I’ll second that!

    It took me a few days to figure out your blog name, too, but once I got it, I thought you guys were shear geniuses!

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