Baby – it’s cold outside…

Brrr – it’s been chilly here on the island this past week – but none of that white stuff is anywhere around!  We’re really sorry to hear about your weather on the east coast…

This coach is such a mechanical/operational marvel that we continue to find out new things all the time – such as how and when the heat pumps work and that we have a secondary source of heat called the “furnace”.  We had a couple of nights with below freezing temperatures and Chuck called Newmar to see if we had to do anything with the plumbing.  In the discussion we found out that our primary source of heat are the 3 electric heat pumps/A/C units on the roof – but they don’t work in temperatures lower than 40ºF/4ºC.  We didn’t know that!  They also told us we had a secondary source of heat – the furnace, which runs off the diesel tank.  We didn’t know that either!  It appears most customers don’t like the idea of burning through their diesel so I guess that’s not widely advertised.  They then talked us through the computer set-up on the coach control centre (sounds more complicated than it is) and we now have both sources of heat set up.  If the temps are above the 40ºF/4ºC the heat pumps kick in and if the temps fall below that the furnace kicks in.  The diesel tank has to be at least  ¼ full to keep the mechanics running – good thing Chuck filled up on our way over here altho’ he only filled up to ½ since the next pit stop will be the good ole USA.  I wonder how much diesel is used to run the furnace??

We have a 3rd source of heat also – our electric heated floors!  When we were putting together the options list Chuck kept wanting the heated floors and I kept saying “we don’t need that – we’re supposed to be in warm weather”.  Well, I was wrroong – on both counts!  We do need it – and we’re not always in warm weather – and the heated floors are decadent!  EXCEPT – they work in the front and in the rear – but not in the middle…  We’re getting that looked at when we’re in Oregon.   Anyways, Freddie is sure happy with the hot spots on the floors!


We’ve been running the heat pumps, the furnace and the floors and we’re still curling up on the sofas with blankets.    I think these things were built for warmer climes – and that’s where we’re heading!

We’re leaving on December 1st and taking the Washington State ferry from Sidney, British Columbia to Anacortes, Washington.

Our chances of some snow nipping at our heels are pretty good but we’ll motor through Washington, Oregon and into California.  Yahoo, yippee – I’m dreaming of “a beach Christmas”.


DeweyLovett? ♥

     and Howe…


3 thoughts on “Baby – it’s cold outside…”

  1. Actually – you have more than 3 sources of heat – you have your ‘Christian Dior sweater’, snugglling with Chuck, or with Gracie and Freddie, the stove top, a hot shower …. It is a really nice life when you’re biggest concern is finding a heat source. 🙂 Did the coach come with a shovel? By the way – I love the sunset photo on your blog. I was supposed to go to NC on Tuesday, but didn’t want to go through the snowstorm in Buffalo. I am going next week instead. Take care, K

  2. Stay warm. Wear socks. Very interesting addition to your blog. Nice hearing from you.
    Glad to know you are happy and enjoying your new home and new way of life.
    Take care and stay in touch. Love you.

  3. hi guys! your life sounds amazing! i am sooo jealous! hope to see you when you get back. miss you too much. love you both!! Karin xooxoxooxox

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