We’re Finally Blogging from B.C.!


This blogging attempt has been on-going for months!  Hours and hours of reading other blogs, reviewing lots & lots of YouTube videos, playing with multiple Blog themes, familiarizing ourselves with the terminology including “widgets”, “plugins”, “tags” and “categories”.  Some days it was:

  • I don’t understand…
  • I don’t want to do this…
  • I hate this…
  • You do it…
  • I can’t …
  • I won’t…
  • O.K. – I will


We’ve been on the road 101 days (as at November 8th) and we have been travelling throughout British Columbia 85 days – staying in the Victoria area for 6 weeks now.  That, presumably, is a lot of downtime from driving giving us time to work on this blog.  But, we’ve been so busy!  A lot has happened!  There’s been no time! … and that is procrastination excuse #whatever.

But, a lot has happened:

  • a beautiful grand-daughter “Isla Patricia Johnson” was born on October 6th
  • I celebrated another birthday…
  • spent 30 days at West Bay RV Resort & Marina in beautiful, magical Victoria harbour
  • took the ferry to Salt Spring Island and shopped the fabulous market (subject of another post)
  • Chuck took the ferry to Skidigate and spent a week on Haida Gwaii delivering his woodworking tools to our son Barrett (Isla’s Dad)
  • BC camping spots included Prince George, Telkwa, Prince Rupert, back to Telkwa, Hixon, Kamloops, Revelstoke, Golden, Fairmont Hot Springs, Fort Steele, Ainsworth Hot Springs, Kelowna, Osoyoos, Abbotsford, Whistler, Vancouver, Nanaimo, Campbell River, back to Nanaimo, Victoria and now Sidney-by-the Sea
  • Had our 1st coach chassis service in Nanaimo – boon docking 3 nights at the service centre
  • Hosted a small Thanksgiving dinner for 6 (at least 2x that number in previous years)
  • Successfully attempted pie pastry – it was yummy!
  • Replaced my i-pad camera with a new Canon S7000 camera – requiring patience, practice and perseverance
  • Spent 2 nights in Tofino (subject of yet another post…)


and Howe…


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  1. This sounds so amazing! It reminds me of how badly I want to get out to B.C and visit again. Keep the posts coming! As exams and the weather start to get bad, they are a nice escape. 🙂

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