Around the World in 100 Days!

It’s amazing that we put nearly 10,000 miles /16,000 km’s on the coach in 2019 – considering we were parked in Florida for 3 months and Ontario for 5 1/2 months!

But, the real story here is we left LaBelle, Florida April 5th and arrived in Barrie, Ontario on July 13th driving 8,132 miles / 13,087 km’s in just 100 days!  That’s 4,318 miles / 6,949 km’s MORE than we did in ALL of 2018!  It wasn’t around the world but at times it felt like it!

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We Were Yellowstone 1st Timers!

Google  Yellowstone National Park and you are bombarded with information. Try searching Pinterest for all things Yellowstone and you will be inundated with suggestions.  There’s the 5 Best Hikes, the 7 Best Places to Stay,  the 6 Local Breweries,  10 Activities for Kids, and on and on and on…

There is so much information, advice and opinions that it can be pretty overwhelming.  But, as very excited Yellowstone 1st timers we saw all that information come to life!  Here’s just some of our initial observations:

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Les Trois Tetons – a French Lesson

We spent 3 days in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area getting the lay of the land. Jackson is a quaint and happening mountain town. Teton Village is a beautiful ski resort, herds of wildlife are plentiful and the National Park is grand and inspiring. The timing of our visit was a little early in the season but, it didn’t stop us.

But, more importantly,  it made me so proud of my French Canadian heritage.
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What does Community mean to you?

It all started with a question my brother asked me a couple of years ago about our travelling lifestyle. But, don’t you miss feeling like part of a community?  he asked.  Not at all, I said.  Probably too quickly for his liking as he gave me that ‘look’.

What is Community?

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Festivals and Swamp Cabbage!

A festival is an event celebrated by a community and centres on some characteristic of that community and its religion or cultures.
It is often marked as a local or national holiday.
Next to religion and folklore, a significant origin is agricultural. Wikipedia

There are enough festivals in most towns in the US and Canada to keep us happy all year long.  So, do we pack our wings and stilts, take our clothes off and paint our bum blue, try unidentifiable street food and circus skills, crowd-surf to the front and launch ourself into space from a giant catapult? And lose it, just for a few days? Will this be the year we finally make it to Burning Man?  Not likely!

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2018 Travels

Our 4th full year saw the least amount of miles driven and the longest stays in one or more places.   We started the year at the beautiful Riverbend Motorcoach Resort in LaBelle, FL. with stops returning north in Georgia, South Carolina (Hilton Head), North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Ontario.  Heading south at the end of November we were back in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina (Raleigh), South Carolina, and ended the year back where we started – at the beautiful Riverbend in LaBelle, FL.  We’re calling this the snowbird route!

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Ontario to Florida – and stuff in between!

We left Ontario November 9th – just the day before the 1st snow flakes fell! Chuck does a great job watching the weather as the dreaded snow is what we always want to avoid. So far the weather follower has been right on! We’re headed to Riverbend RV Resort for 3 months, arriving on December 1st, but our initial travels are taking us into a rather circuitous route…

We kind of goofed on our planning…  We booked some service at the Newmar Factory in Nappanee, IN for the end of November and then decided to leave Ontario earlier than originally planned to visit with family along the way.  So, it was down, around, up and back down we go!

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